There’s been some prominent pessimism about the opportunities of the current music market for new artists, but musician and DJ Tom Robinson is bucking the trend. He’s penned a column for The Guardian that pitches 2013 as squarely in the middle of music’s golden age. “If it’s a golden age for recording artists you’re looking for, try the last seven or eight years and the rise of genuinely social media,” he wrote. “The conversational many-to-many model means new artists with genuinely arresting talent no longer depend on money, insider contacts and the approval of gatekeepers to get heard. These days, all you need to be is good.” Robinson highlights the affordability of high-quality recording, the accessibility of crowdfunding and cheap video recording technology. “The one-to-many model is no longer the only game in town. The continuing rise of Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook – and YouTube itself – means that word of mouth now regularly bypasses the gatekeepers and leaves them playing catch-up…”

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