Ads that follow you around the web through ‘retargeting’ are a common sight online now: those boots you looked at on Amazon just keep popping up on other sites, for example. Now Twitter is getting in on the act, although it’s renaming the feature as “tailored audiences”. Previewed in July, it’s now open to all advertisers on the social network. “With tailored audiences you can reach users on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand or your category even away from Twitter,” the company explains. “Let’s say a hotel brand wants to advertise a promotion on Twitter and they’d prefer to show their ad to travel enthusiasts who have recently visited their website. To get the special offer to those people who are also on Twitter, the hotel brand may share with us browser-related information (browser cookie ID) through an ads partner. We can then match that information to Twitter accounts in order to show the matched users a Promoted Tweet with the travel deal.” It’s made us think about the wider potential for music retargeting, although the intrusiveness involved in showing someone ads on another website based on, say, their Spotify streams shouldn’t be underestimated.

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