Social music-listening service Soundrop has been busy in the run-up to Christmas, with two product announcements this morning. First, the company has launched a new Android app, which enables people to sign in to Spotify or Deezer then dive into listening rooms to share music with other people. Meanwhile, the company’s Spotify app has been revamped, including a tweak that sees each listening room offer two modes. Live is the standard Soundrop model, where people choose tracks and listen together. Meanwhile, Top Tracks serves up the 50 most popular tracks from that room’s history as a playlist – based on how many people have starred them while in the room. Soundrop is also making it easier for people to see what artist events are coming up, and RSVP for entry. Owners of rooms are also getting analytics: total streams, unique listeners, number of tracks starred, added and voted on, as well as geographic breakdowns. The stats will be part of Soundrop’s pitch to artists and labels for owning their own themed rooms on its service.

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