One more musician has joined the debate over streaming music, albeit in a single answer at the end of a longer Q&A interview. Former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus drops a reference to “one of those evil Spotify places” and is pressed for more views by Rolling Stone’s journalist about whether he’s anti-Spotify. “Definitely. I think it sucks. That doesn’t mean my music isn’t on there, though. I’m against a lot of things that I do in life, and I still do them, so there’s a lot of self-deception in all our lives. At least in the life of an unprincipled musician”. As is often the case in such comments, we’d like to have seen a bit more from Malkmus on the context for his views, although in fairness the interview is about music rather than technology. The upshot, though, is that Malkmus will be added to the list of anti-Spotify artists without an understanding of why he thinks it sucks, or why that’s not enough to make him remove  his music.

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