A reminder that we’ve published an extended transcript of the Kim Dotcom interview that formed the basis for the Music Ally Report’s lead feature this week. Among many attention-grabbing quotes, there’s this one, on Dotcom’s new Baboom service’s business model based on replacing display ads on the web with its own ads. “I am primarily targeting Google-owned sites because Google is probably the largest beneficiary of piracy. When you look for any music album or artist, on the first result page you will find at least one link that leads to pirated material,” Dotcom told Music Ally. “So they are showing their ads alongside all that stuff and they are not paying anything to the artists. So if I am evil then they are the peak of evil. If I can take 5-10% of their ad revenue with a solution like Megakey and pay that to the artists, morally I think that’s a great thing.” Kim Dotcom as artists’ defender against Big Bad Google? That’s a dynamic we’re very keen to see how it plays out, and particularly how it goes down with Google, with music industry campaigners like David Lowery, and bodies like the BPI who’ve been active in the area of ad-sponsored piracy.

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