Releasing albums as apps is intriguing in theory, but hasn’t proved to be a lucrative endeavour yet in practice. Still, there are a few startups working on new ideas for the concept in 2014, among them Estonian firm 3plet. The MidemLab nominee has been talking to TechCrunch about its technology, which helps artists to release apps with artwork, liner notes, lyrics and links to online content around their music. The company is also touting a freemium pricing model, with fans able to download the album-apps and listen to 1-3 tracks for free before deciding whether to pay for the full thing via in-app purchase. Music Ally had a play with the apps during the recent LeWeb conference, and they’re pretty slick. The question – as with all startups in this space – is whether the company can sign up some well-known artists to try the concept, and then whether fans will go for the idea.

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