Music Ally has been exploring the intersection between tech, media and telecoms pretty much since our launch more than a decade ago, but we’re well aware that we’re still discovering the various wrinkles of each industry, and how they relate to one another. Tech analyst-turned-VC Benedict Evans is of a similar mind, publishing a blog post titled ‘Ignorance’ about the way these industries think they understand one another, but don’t really. “people in each of TM&T tend to think that they do understand the other two (and that the other two are run by idiots). But they see each other in terms of their own preoccupations, rather than looking at the real drivers in a quite different industry,” he writes. “Media companies look at tech and telecoms and say ‘well, they’re just a channel for our stuff’. Telcos look at tech and media and say ‘they’re using our networks so we should control everything’. Tech companies look at media and telecoms and say ‘a little disruptive technology would change everything’. So, rather like the blind men examining an elephant, who each feel one part and conclude the elephant is a snake or a tree, when TMT companies look at another industry they tend to see the bit that matters to them and assume that that’s the important part.”

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  1. Usage error in the headline: “one another” should be “each other” since you’re referring to more than two entities. =)

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