Good news! Global online display advertising grew by 32.4% last year according to research firm Nielsen. Bad news! It still only accounted for 4.5% of global ad spending, with TV hoovering up 57.6% by comparison. Nielsen hasn’t published actual figures alongside this, just the percentages, but it’s interesting to see that the company estimates that radio only accounted for 5.4% of global spending last year. Rdio, Spotify and other digital music companies are hoping to suck ad budgets away from radio, but the long-term opportunity looks like it will also be about video ads tempting brands away from the much-larger TV market. Which, in turn, could be good news for YouTube’s music plans, very good news for music video services like Vevo, and perhaps a greater incentive for currently audio-only streaming services to think again about incorporating music videos, and thus video ads. A caveat to Nielsen’s figures, though: they don’t include search advertising spending online, just display, so the true percentage for online is actually higher.

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