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Lady Gaga’s former manager Troy Carter has been talking technology in an interview with
the Guardian in which he warns that the pace of disruption is only increasing.

“Everybody should be nervous. With the music industry we’ve always had technological change, whether it was disruption from eight-track to cassette, or cassette to CD, CD to download, download to streaming. The difference now is how fast it’s happening. We’re seeing new technology pop up every few months,” he says, citing album-apps, data harvesting, more African Americans in Silicon Valley, concert holograms and ‘the triumph of the perpetually online, engaged digital star’ as examples.

“We don’t have a clue what technology will look like in three years, let alone in 10 years.” But back to that perpetually online star idea: “The whole mysterious star game is over. This audience grew up with reality TV, where people put their entire lives online. These kids share everything now. They want a constant flow of content…”

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