Slowly but surely, the speed with which artists and songwriters get paid for use of their works is increasing. SoundExchange announced yesterday that from this month, it will start paying out royalties every month, rather than every quarter. It claims that the change will put it further ahead of the annual payments of many collecting societies elsewhere in the world. “By making performance royalties available sooner, we are making it easier for recording artists and record labels to focus on creating the music we all enjoy,” said CEO Michael Huppe. Strings: the monthly payouts will require people to be signed up to receive electronic payments, and will only be paid if royalties are above the $250 mark. As a wider trend, though, faster payments are welcome – not least because royalty cheques (well, digital transfers) continue to be a key source for artists’ views on streaming music’s value to their income – not so good when the payments are a year or more out of date.

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