The latest musician to team up with a multi-channel network (MCN) is Will.I.Am, who’s working with one of the bigger YouTube networks out there: Maker Studios. The partnership is based around his existing YouTube channel, with the promise of “fashion, innovation, music, technology and philanthropy”, as well as Maker working with some of the star’s protegés. “In an era of disruption that has democratized everything imaginable, there are areas that are exciting for creators and content makers including videos, music videos, documentaries, short films and long-form films,” said the star in a statement. “I love the idea of bringing order and being systematic and strategic on YouTube. Artists are paying money from their own pockets to make videos, putting them on YouTube, and not being first in line to collect the money generated from advertising. Maker Studios is bringing order to that and making it easier for artists to earn money from the content they make.” Perhaps soon, Maker Studios will have some publishing deals to ensure songwriters earn money from its network too…

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