Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has been one of YouTube’s most outspoken critics in recent times, including a widely-shared ‘I ain’t gonna work on YouTube’s farm no more’ piece last year. Now he’s returned to the theme with a post of feedback and advice for the new boss of Google’s video service, Susan Wojcicki. “It’s fairly clear to this executive, who has been working with Google since Day One, that Google thinks of content creators – artists – as this necessary evil to put their ads next to,” he writes. “They don’t really respect us since they won everything. If they did, they would listen to our needs and think about making their platform sustainable.” Calacanis would like to see YouTube implement a new four-tier system for partners, with more popular channels getting better ad-revenue splits as well as the ability to collect email addresses from consumers and advances of revenue to fund production. “There is no reason everyone can’t win at YouTube and with Google,” he writes. “Google doesn’t have to win everything, they can give their ‘partners’ a taste.”

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