STOP THE PRESS: pensioners don’t tend to like Skrillex, and 13 year-olds aren’t the biggest fans of Roy Orbison. A bombshell, we’re sure you’ll agree. But actually, The Echo Nest’s latest piece of research is interesting, exploring the similarities and differences between music typically streamed by 13 and 64 year-olds, in an effort to understand how services might be able to suggest suitable (or screen out unsuitable) tracks in recommendations for specific ages. Among the findings: there’s a 35% overlap between the most-streamed artists for these two ages – Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Robin Thicke for example. But tracking the artists with the biggest gaps in popularity between the two age groups – Skrillex is the 40th most listened-to artist for 13 year-olds but the 3,937th for 64 year-olds, for example – yields up the playlists most likely to alienate the other group. One more finding from a wider comparison of age groups: “It is clear that something happens to a music listener between the 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 age buckets. The typical listener goes from hipster (Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, The National), to old (Pearl Jam, U2, Bon Jovi).” Sorry, Eddie, Bono and Jon.

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