Until now, the issue of net neutrality has been more high-profile in the US than in Europe, although that’s changing. A group of technology companies have signed an open letter to the European Parliament calling for politicians to protect the open internet, and ensure a level playing field for digital services of all sizes. They include Rdio, SoundCloud, Netflix and 22tracks. “We believe that a level playing field, with no special exemptions for one company or sector or another, is crucial to delivering the best experiences online for consumers,” explained Rdio in a blog post yesterday. “That’s what matters. People want content delivered smoothly and reliably over the internet – that is without question the future, and we believe it is important that nothing hinders this.” It’s part of wider pressure on EU legislators to protect net neutrality, rather than wave through telcos to charge consumers or digital firms (or, indeed, both) to ensure the latter’s services are delivered reliably.

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