RIAA boss Cary Sherman has been talking about the challenges of working with big tech companies like Google, rather than just fighting against them. And actually, his views are much more measured than critics of his organisation might expect. “Google is a big company. It really is, and that’s one of the challenges that we face in dealing with them,” he told Music Intelligentsia. “On the one hand, they are a partner in selling music and offering subscription services, in offering locker services, in making music readily available on the Android operating system so that people can enjoy it on their mobile phones and their tablets and everything else. They are also a company that makes a lot of money from advertising, and sometimes they are not sufficiently sensitive to exactly what it is that they are advertising or making money from.” Sherman went on to suggest that Google’s position on all intellectual property – even patents – is at least consistent, while suggesting that “the biggest challenge is the cultural divide” between music and big tech. “It really is a cultural divide, and yet techies are among the biggest music fans in this country. They love music. They all listen to music. It’s part of their lives, and somehow we need to get across the notion that the creation of music is something that is worth protecting, as well as enjoying.”

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