US musician Benn Jordan is the latest independent artist to give his views on the Spotify/streaming payouts debate, and like Ron Pope last week, he’s speaking up in defence of the streaming firms. In a punchy blog post, he suggests that artists complaining about Spotify are often stuck in bad deals, or simply aren’t popular enough to generate significant streams. “If nobody is listening to your music, you’re not generating any income. This is no different than if an unknown artist is on iTunes, or even featured on a CD in Best Buy,” he writes, before criticising Thom Yorke’s suggestion that artists “don’t need” Spotify to build a service for them. “Really Thom? You’ve created a legal, royalty paying library of music that will allow me to literally listen to whatever artist I can think of, whenever and wherever I desire to? Because that’s the one thing we, the people, the pirates, the innovators, could not do in the last 7 years when we had all the technology in our hands to do it.”

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