Streaming music playlists service 8tracks has launched an app for Xbox gamesconsoles, helping people browse and listen on their televisions. The company announced the news, suggesting that Xbox is a good fit for its users. “Nearly half of our audience is aged 18-24. By comparison, 51% of college males or 31% of all college students own an Xbox,” explained the company on its blog. The launch came as 8tracks reported a new milestone: 8m monthly active users, who are listening to 30m hours of music every month. The company also tells VentureBeat that it’s profitable after just $1.5m of funding, while comScore’s figures for January 2014 suggest it’s more popular among that 18-24 demographic in the US than Slacker, Songza or Rdio. “We suffer from mindshare, even though we’re twice the size of Rdio,” said CEO David Porter, when asked why 8tracks is more low-profile than those services. He also had some sharp words for Pandora: “sort of like glorified Muzak when you really get down to it… That’s fine when you just want something on in the background, but playlists on 8tracks appeal to people who are actively trying to discover new music.”

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