Artist Zoë Keating has been talking about her decision to share sales and streaming figures from 2013, and how she views streaming services. In an interview with Hypebot, she takes a measured approach, noting that streaming can pay off in its own right for big artists with hits. “For a single artist like me commercial streaming will never be more than promo. I accept that. But will keep talking about it until streaming companies do more to make that promo more useful (i.e data),” she says. Keating praises Pandora for its promotional value, and notes that her withholding strategy for Spotify of her most recent album is “somewhat accidental but I think it works for me” (she hasn’t put her last album on any service that won’t let her distribute it herself, directly). “It is interesting to see that my music which is not available on commercial streaming makes up 60% of all sales. Is that because my accidental withholding strategy is working or is it because my new music is better than my old music or some other reason? I don’t know the answer!”

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