The concept of ‘guilty pleasures’ has been around for a while now: the songs people love, but are a little bit ashamed of. Today, a new Spotify app is trying to use the concept to drive donations to thousands of charities. The app is Guilty Pledgers, and it focuses on party playlists. Hosts create a playlist, then get party guests to add whatever songs they like (from Spotify’s catalogue, obviously – no Atoms for Peace power ballads available) and pledge at least £2 to a charity. “We think it’s a shame that guilt is often used cynically in charity marketing: make people feel bad, then ask them for money to feel okay again,” explain the founders. “We wanted to turn ‘offsetting guilt’ into something fun, where everyone gets to feel brilliant.” The charities come from a partnership with the Just Giving website, which works with more than 13,000. Spotify helped fund the project.

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