This is fun: a band trying to fund their next tour on Spotify streaming revenues alone. The twist being that LA-based band Vulfpeck have released a 10-track album of silent tracks specifically for this purpose. The album is called ‘Sleepify’, and the band are hoping that fans will leave it repeat streaming while they sleep at night, to rack up the band’s streaming royalties. “We believe it’s the most silent album ever recorded,” they explain in a YouTube launch video, which is played for laughs. The theory: every fan who leaves the album streaming overnight will generate around 800 track listens, and thus $4 in revenue for the band. This in turn will fuel a tour where the band will make entry to gigs free. “If you stream Sleepify on repeat while you sleep every night, we will be able to tour without charging admission,” they explain in the video. “Also we’re going to base the routing of the Sleepify tour on where Sleepify is happening the most.” What Spotify makes of it remains to be seen, but it’s certainly inventive.

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