No surprise here: Apple is keen for more big exclusives like Beyoncé’s last album for iTunes. Who’s next? Digital Music News says that Apple is lining up something big, although it’s not saying for now which artist beyond it being “a major artist that you’ve definitely heard of”. This, based on gossip at SXSW, with a source claiming that “Spotify won’t get this, [nor will] any streaming service for that matter.  You will have to buy this from iTunes… [The artist] really likes what Beyoncé did, the independence of it.  Streaming might come later, but that isn’t decided yet.” The obvious candidate is Coldplay, a band that’s extremely tight with Apple, has used a windowing strategy before, and has an album on the way relatively soon. But the success of Beyoncé’s album, which sold 1m copies in a matter of days after its iTunes debut last December but still isn’t available on Spotify, means there could be any number of candidates.

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