Musician David Byrne caused a stir last year with an op-ed piece for The Guardian criticising the impact streaming services are having on culture. Now he has turned his attention to the internet as a whole, and the negative impact it may be having on us as humans through privacy infringement – whether by big tech companies or governments. “As the Internet has become more integral to our lives, we’ve simultaneously become more vulnerable, and the web has started to act like a bully, a drug dealer. It knows we need it, love it and are addicted to it, so it can take advantage of that need,” he wrote in a blog post. Byrne’s mooted solution: “What if we broke the Internet?” A far-fetched attack on some of the “nodes” carrying internet data, combined with a “radioactive paintball” to make them unfixable for 100 years. His point being that an internet remade from scratch with fair regulation might be a good thing, with the money that’s now spent on online surveillance redistributed into healthcare and education. It’s a thought-provoking read.

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