We reported on the launch of OpenAura earlier this year: it’s a platform hoping to get artists to maintain profiles online, which can then be distributed to partner digital services. A competitor to BandPage, but with the twist that OpenAura plans to share revenues from licensing deals with the artists. Now the company has announced its first partnership around its Artist Info API, which has just been made available in public beta. It’ll be used by streaming playlists service 8tracks, which is using the free-for-commercial-use ‘Classic’ version of the API, rather than the ‘Premium’ paid version which offers more images and social content. “One of the primary reasons music fans choose 8tracks over the other top digital music services is its ability to facilitate music discovery, and we want to provide our listeners with the best artist images and information to further that discovery experience,” said 8tracks boss David Porter. So, no money changing hands yet, but 8tracks’ early adoption of the API will be a useful proving ground for OpenAura’s technology.

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