Arguments over whether YouTube ad revenues are big enough for creators have been going back and forth for a while now. Now that Google advertising boss Susan Wojcicki is in charge, we’re expecting some aggressive moves to bump up revenues. The first might well be what’s reported in the Wall Street Journal: guarantees to advertisers who make advance commitments to YouTube, airing their ads until they reach a specified percentage of their target audience. The WSJ notes that this is standard practice in the television world, but has only been tested before by YouTube on a “small scale”. One media buying boss, Jordan Bitterman, says the move “will make it easier for chief marketing officers to feel more comfortable about moving ad budgets that weren’t earmarked for YouTube or online video to Google”. With music videos such a big part of YouTube, this is likely to be good news for artists and labels, although we suspect there’ll still be healthy debate about the most suitable revenue share for this new loot.

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