Rdio CEO Anthony Bay’s latest interview sees him defending the role streaming music is playing for artists. His key line of defence: that streaming plays a role bigger than merely providing royalties for plays of tracks. “You know what percentage of any artist’s revenue is made up from recorded music? It’s like 7%. Fifteen years ago recorded music was a much bigger piece. But in the last few years that piece has become much smaller,” he told Billboard. “Touring is now the number one. Certainly recorded music is important, but if you’re one of the huge artists, you make a lot of money out of recorded music. But you’re the average, you’re making your money on other stuff. So it’s not that recorded music isn’t important, it’s just that the question then becomes: ‘How can you use streaming to drive more engagement with your fans, how can you find ways for people to listen more to you?’ Again, remember, if people aren’t streaming, they’re stealing. The bottom line of it is, how to make streaming work for you…”

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