This may not end well, but it promises to be mightily entertaining while it lasts. Morrissey has posted his first tweet on Twitter.

Well, he  joined Twitter some time ago if we’re being strictly accurate: the @itsmorrissey account was apparently set up in June 2009, but the first tweet came this evening: “Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope…”

If ever a pop star was made for Twitter, it’s Morrissey: we’re hoping for plenty of 140-character barbed wit, and possibly a few beefs… Well, perhaps it’s safer to call them arguments.

So, one tweet, and one account that Morrissey is following: label Harvest Records, which he signed to earlier this year, and which is putting out his new album World Peace is None of Your Business. The timing is no coincidence: this week, the lead single from the album was unveiled.

Anyway, all eyes on the account to see how often it tweets, what it tweets about, and whether it’s Morrissey himself, his people, or a combination of the two. The first tweet certainly sounds like what you’d hope Morrissey would tweet, but that of course could simply be a canny social media staffer.

One last point: the account isn’t fake. It’s already been verified by Twitter. If he ever follows @Johnny_Marr, @mikejoycedrums or @AndyRourke64, watch the Smiths reunion rumours spread like wildfire…

Hat tip to @christianward for the headline, which was 7,000 times better than our planned There is a Tweetfight That Never Goes Out.

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