BandPage has struck another deal with a streaming music service, Rdio, following partnerships with Vevo, Xbox Music, Rhapsody and iHeartRadio. Initially, the company will be piping its database of artist profile photos into Rdio, but the deal will then expand to see the products being sold by artists on their BandPage stores getting a presence on Rdio’s website and apps. “The incredible amount of fan engagement on music services like Rdio is the single greatest untapped commodity in the music business today,” said BandPage CEO J Sider in a statement. It’s the latest example of a much-needed trend in digital music: stronger links between the streaming services where people are discovering and listening to artists, and the other services where those artists are making money by selling merchandise, vinyl and fan experiences. File BandPage’s deal alongside what Spotify is doing with merch and ticketing, although we hope there’s scope for streaming services to also explore links with crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and PledgeMusic, as well as communities like Bandcamp.

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