Apple announced earlier this month that iTunes Radio now has 40m listeners in the US and Australia, but it’s fair to say that the personal radio service remains in its early days, and certainly hasn’t yet given a bloody nose to Pandora and other rivals. Now BuzzFeed has published some entertaining gossip based on conversations with past and current Apple employees on the story behind iTunes Radio. The killer quote: “Pandora is an awesome radio that blows iTunes Radio out of the water. Seriously, iTunes Radio sucks and it sucks because of Apple’s arrogance,” said one ‘former, mid-level employee’ at the company. “I was floored by the decision-making skills by management over and over again.” Another source: “The management in particular were pretty much tone-deaf in what Spotify was and that’s why they’re panicking now. They didn’t understand how Spotify worked, which is why they thought iTunes Radio would be a Spotify killer.” Usual former-possibly-bitter-

employees caveat applies, but this kind of gossip has been circulating more widely within the music industry for a few months now. The kicker, of course, is that Beats Music’s team DOES understand what Spotify is, and has been working hard to compete.
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