Kickstarter has taken a leaf out of YouTube’s creator playbook by launching its own Creator Handbook. The idea: to gather lots of advice on running successful crowdfunding campaigns on the site. “The Kickstarter team has spent the past half decade helping tens of thousands of creators bring their ideas to life — offering advice, feedback, tips, and anything else we can to help people make amazing projects,” explained the company yesterday. “We’ve also talked to countless creators about what they learned from their campaigns, what it’s like to run one, and the best ways to help a project succeed. It all adds up to a mountain of collected knowledge about how to make an idea thrive… It’s your one-stop guide to designing a solid Kickstarter project, presenting it effectively, finding backers, and delivering on your plans.” The handbook is free and online. It follows Kickstarter’s recent announcement that it was lowering the barriers to launching a campaign on its site, including letting people go live without requiring a staffer to check their campaign first.

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