YouTube has been trying to clean up its stats for a while now, cracking down on inflated view counts of videos in particular. Now it’s taking similar action over subscription numbers on channels. “It’s extremely important to us that these numbers stay meaningful, so that you can be sure that when your sub count grows, it’s because you’re building a community of real fans who are going to keep watching and supporting you,” explained YouTube in a blog post yesterday. “With that in mind, we’ll soon implement a new process to improve the accuracy of subscriber counts. It’s similar to existing ways we ensure that other site metrics, like views, are free of spam and abuse, and keep YouTube a fair playing field for everyone.” That means that on 16 June, YouTube will remove ‘suspended’ accounts from all channels’ subscription counts, and from then on will continue doing this in real-time. The company stresses that since these aren’t active viewers, actual viewing shouldn’t fall, but we’ll be interested to see how big a drop in subscribers key music channels experience.

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