Every year, Silicon Valley veteran Mary Meeker – who nowadays works at VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers – gives a dense presentation on current internet trends, then publishes it online. 2014’s went live last week, after Meeker presented it at the Code conference. The 164-slide presentation has plenty to chew on, including: strong growth for tablets with plenty of potential ahead; optimism about the future growth of mobile advertising (a section likely to be pored over by most streaming music services); the suggestion that there continues to be “re-imagining” (the new “disruption” in Silicon Valley circles) of areas including messaging, apps and digital distribution – in this case, the latter is more about how news travels on social networks rather than entertainment content though. Streaming music gets a slide noting that downloads are declining while streaming is growing. Who knew?! But in fairness, it’s the rest of the presentation that’s worth reading if you’re in music.

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