If you missed it, there’s now another chance to catch our recent interview with Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond online. The interview includes the direct-to-fan service’s latest stats: “The big number for us – our core metric – is how much fans are paying artists through the platform. We’re up to $3.1m every 30 days, and our total to date is now $70m,” said Diamond. “We’re about to hit 10m transactions through the site. And the other big stat is that every day, about 6,000 unique artists sell something through the site. In a month, it’s around 50,000, and last year we had about 160,000 artists selling one or more items through Bandcamp.” Diamond also gave his views on streaming, noting that it’s an increasingly-prominent feature on Bandcamp – particularly within its mobile apps – and hoping that the likes of Spotify will be more open to partnerships with his company. But he also took a pop at the on-demand model: “It’s really interesting that you don’t hear from more artists talking about how much they love that model. You hear it from executives at the top level of the companies who stand to make millions from the artists’ work. You don’t hear about a lot of cover children for the model…”

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