A survey of children and young adults in the UK has turned up some new – if not that surprising – views on filesharing and online piracy. YouGov talked to 1,907 16-24 year-olds and 614 8-15 year-olds for its study, finding that for both demographics, 49% believed that ‘people should be able to download the content they want from the Internet for nothing’. When asked why they use filesharing services, 6% of children said that they’re easy, 7% said it’s become a normal thing to do, but 44% said it was down to financial reasons. On the one hand, this sounds like another reason for streaming services of all stripes – music included – to press on with introducing family plans so parents can bear some of that financial load. On the other, we’re interested in the focus on ‘downloading’ rather than streaming – it’s a bit muddled whether children saying they want to get content on the internet for nothing were only referring to the former. YouTube and SoundCloud in particular have become go-to sources for free music for many young people, but (song-ripping software excepted) they’re about access rather than ownership.

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