Twitter-tracking firm Twopcharts has published a report claiming that 44% of Twitter’s 974m registered users have never tweeted, while 30% have only tweeted 1-10 times. Only 13% of registered users have tweeted more than 100 times since joining. This may or may not be a problem for Twitter: the company has been making its service into more of a consumption medium in recent years, encouraging people to sign up to read other people’s tweets, even if they’re not posting themselves. But the Wall Street Journal suggests that when people tweet (or at least retweet) they are more likely to continue using Twitter, making for a larger, more engaged user base. With 241m active users, Twitter is still pretty large, but with growth having slowed down over the course of 2013, persuading more users to end their self-imposed silence may become more of a focus for the company in 2014.

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