Facebook’s mobile strategy has been evolving fast over the last year: it’s now focusing on launching more standalone mobile apps, rather than concentrating on putting everything into its main app. Or, as Mark Zuckerberg explains the work of Facebook’s new Creative Labs initiative: “What we’re doing with Creative Labs is basically unbundling the big blue app.” That’s from an interesting interview with the New York Times that focuses on Facebook’s big strategy. “I think you’ll see a combination of us making some of these things that have been products for a while into first-class experiences. And you’ll see us exploring new areas that we felt we didn’t have the room to do before,” says Zuckerberg, adding that not all of these new apps will necessarily be branded as Facebook – following on from acquisitions Instagram and WhatsApp. “Some things will be, but not everything will have to be, because there are some sets of experiences that are just better with other identities,” he says.

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