The latest musician to speak out about streaming music is Jared Leto, and if you’ve seen the ‘Artifact’ documentary about his band’s legal battles with EMI, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that he thinks labels have questions to answer. “We all know that, as content creators, artists and musicians, a great deal of our work is going to be streamed, but the issue is that artists are getting the short end of the stick,” Leto told The Hollywood Reporter. “The streaming companies are paying record labels, but record labels are not paying artists. I’d welcome anybody to debate that. Record companies are taking giant advantages. They’re taking pieces of stock options or technology companies in exchange for guaranteeing rights to artists’ streams; there are all kinds of deals being made, and artists aren’t a part of those deals.” Encouragingly, Leto thinks artists should be taking an active role in the process: “There’s a blueprint being made, and artists should be part of the design.”

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