Finnish musician Anssi Kela has revealed some figures from 2013 on royalties for his song Levoton tyttö across various digital services. Published as a blog post on Finnish performing rights society Teosto, it breaks down the €75.7k (around $102.8k) earned by the song from sales, streams and radio plays across Scandinavia. What’s interesting is less streaming outweighing download sales – Kela earned €4.4k from 1.25m streams versus €0.9k from just over 2,000 download sales – but more radio airplay was much, much larger than both. Levoton tyttö was played just under 6.2k times on Finnish radio stations in 2013, bringing in €58.7k of revenue for Kela – 78.3% of the money he made from the track. This isn’t the first time Kela has shared stats on income from Levoton tyttö, though. Last November he published some streaming figures showing drastically higher income from plays by paying subscribers on streaming services than from free users (Bulletin, 8-Nov-13), suggesting that the key to artists making more money from streaming was fans getting their wallets out to subscribe. “I do not relate to the congregation who would want to turn back the clock to the time before Spotify,” he wrote at the time.

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