Research firm eMarketer has published some new numbers on the growth of the global advertising market, including digital. It sees brands spending $545.4bn on ‘paid media’ this year, up 5.7% year-on-year. The US is expected to account for nearly a third of that total with its $180bn of ad spending. On the digital side – the most interesting for ad-supported music services of all stripes, including YouTube – eMarketer expects spending to grow by 16.7% this year to $140.2bn, which would be the first time digital has cracked 25% of overall ad spend. That includes $32.7bn of mobile advertising spending, which itself would be up 84.7% to account for nearly a quarter of all digital spending. The company sees mobile hoovering up an even greater market share in the coming years in big western markets though: by 2018, eMarketer thinks mobile will account for 70.4% of digital ad spending in the UK and 67.8% in the US.

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