Fans looking to try Sia’s new album before buying it on Apple’s iTunes store yesterday didn’t get quite as much chance to sample its tracks: for a while, the album’s preview clips were only 30 seconds long, rather than the 90 seconds that’s become standard on the store since 2010. It wasn’t alone either: MacRumors reported that Coldplay’s entire back catalogue appeared to have switched to 30-second samples on iTunes rather than 90-second, while quoting Twitter grumbling suggesting that the changes have only been made this week. But the really puzzling thing is that when Music Ally checked this morning – on both the US and UK iTunes stores – all the albums mentioned were back at 90-second sample lengths for every track. A glitch in the Apple matrix? Signs of a future reversion from 90 to 30 seconds? Apple isn’t saying for now, but we’ll keep you posted (or, indeed, keep us posted if you have any information…)

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