With the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mulling its options in the long-running debate over net neutrality, tech trade body The Internet Association has weighed in with its views. The body represents the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, eBay and Yahoo, so its views carry weight within the tech world. “Segregation of the Internet into fast lanes and slow lanes will distort the market, discourage innovation and harm Internet users,” said president Michael Beckerman in comments submitted to the FCC. “The FCC must act to create strong, enforceable net neutrality rules and apply them equally to both wireless and wireline providers… There is a compelling public interest for an open Internet, and we stand with the Internet’s vast community of users to keep it that way.” The body’s big concern is that ISPs and mobile operators are already treating traffic from various digital services differently, depending on whether those companies are partners or not.

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