Finance and sports mogul Dan Gilbert chipped in to the recent $40m funding round for Genius (the company formerly known as Rap Genius), and now he’s been blogging about how he sees its future beyond music. “Genius is going to be big. Imagine a future where you’re reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell on your iPad or Kindle and turn the page to realise that Gladwell himself has annotated part of the very section you’re reading,” he wrote. “You click on the annotated text to see that Gladwell has provided ten more examples of his 10,000 hour rule. Better yet, someone else has added background color on each of those people, and yet another listed the actual endeavors of the outliers themselves. In that moment, reading becomes a collaborative activity and allows for a deeper, richer and more connected experience. The world has never seen anything like this before… The possibilities are endless. Collaborative annotation is the future of text on the internet.” These ambitions have been no secret for Rap Genius for some time, but it’s clear its new investor is enthusiastic about the prospects too.

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