Online Apple rumours are great fun. With devices like new iPhones and iPads, the pattern is usually that one website suggests a possible launch date for a new device, then at some point another one reports that said launch has been “delayed” – even though Apple hasn’t ever announced an actual date. Well, that Apple acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music – equally unannounced – is experiencing the same phenomenon. ” Apple’s planned deal to buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion may not be finalised until next week, according to people familiar with the transaction,” reported Recode yesterday. “That’s a longer timetable than some people expected as recently as a few days ago.” Correct us if we’re wrong, but those first reports about the deal stressed that a.) it wasn’t signed yet and b.) it could all still fall apart. Still: delayed. But wouldn’t it be a fine ‘One more thing’ moment at Tim Cook’s keynote at the WWDC conference on 2 June…

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