Occasional rapper and full-time buffoon Coolio’s latest wheeze is a partnership with adult entertainment website PornHub, which is providing distribution for his latest song ‘Take It to the Hub’ – complete with a video full of porn stars. Coolio, however, is decidedly unhappy with a report on celebrity website TMZ suggesting that his comeback single is a comeback single. “They were trying to say it was my comeback. Man, I ain’t trying to make no f***in’ comeback off some porn.” It’s an interesting deal, in that PornHub is paying Coolio upfront to include its branding in his lyrics, and will then point viewers of the video to his website or iTunes. “Obviously, we do porn… but combining music with sexy naked ladies can’t be a bad thing,” PornHub’s PR and marketing boss Matt Blake tells Billboard. Tell that to Robin Thicke’s post-Blurred Lines album sales…

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