Deloitte has published its latest report in the UK: ‘The Digital Divide’. It explores the media consumption habits of Brits in 2014. There are plenty of music findings to get your teeth into, including the fact that 70% of adults say music is important to them – a figure that rises to 84% of under-25s. There are stats on streaming too: 11% of under-35’s and 8% of 35-44 year olds pay to stream music online and take-up across all ages has doubled since the previous year,” explains Deloitte. But two thirds of Brits still listen to radio at least daily, making it “still a more popular method to find out about new bands and music than Spotify and iTunes combined”. More generally, Deloitte claims that social networks’ role as “media curators” continues to expand, with more than half of respondents seeing Facebook as a source of entertainment, and 36% thinking of social media as a way to find new content.

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