Brian Eno and Karl Hyde have a new album out, ‘Someday World’. But there’s also a companion app fresh out from label Warp Records, which uses augmented reality (AR) technology to innovative effect. And yes, we know: our instinct nowadays is to run a mile from AR as a gimmicky music marketing technology. Yet in this case, its use is more creative than many examples we’ve seen. The idea: fans who own the vinyl copy of the new album can point their iOS device’s camera at it to “watch and explore as new ‘outsider architecture’ metropolises spring into life around their record” – accompanied by a track from the record. Fans who have other formats of the album can trigger the same effects by visiting the app’s section on the Eno • Hyde website. Warp worked with creative studio Toby and Pete as well as interaction designer Lukasz Karluk – creator of a project called HoloDecks – on the app. “It is an honour to be part of Eno’s latest exploration in interactive and generative apps and Hyde’s first, and in a way that is so connected to the birth of the music” said Warp’s Steven Hill. “We really look forward to seeing what fans make of it.”

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