Music recognition service Shazam, fresh from launching its desktop app for Macs last week, is expected to arrive on Android Wear, Google’s wearable technology OS, soon. “We’ve experimented with Android Wear, we’ve experimented with Google Glass, so for sure that’s an area that we’re looking at, and it fits right into the logic of technology that fits more seamlessly into our lives,” Daniel Danker, Shazam CEO, has told TechRadar. Of course, smart services will assess all new platforms but that is no guarantee they will launch on them – but part of Shazam’s success, like Pandora, has been to have a presence on every OS, not just the dominant ones. “Wearables” (oh, that word…) are an area that Silicon Valley is investing a huge amount of money and development hours in – with Google Glass and the long-rumoured iWatch coming from the tech heavyweights and Pebble bubbling up from the crowdfunding community. Music has played a secondary role here; yes, Google Glass integrates with Google Play and the iWatch is sure to link to iTunes – but they are additions rather than the main thrust, although the arrival of Shazam here could alter that.

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