Online music analytics company Next Big Sound is expanding its focus to the written word with the creation of Next Big Book. It has also partnered with book publisher Macmillan, something that has been developed over the past eight months. While sales data for books has long been available via Nielsen’s BookScan and Amazon, Next Big Book is planning to do here what it has done in music – namely overlay this sales data with social media information to give a rounder picture of what is happening in the market, what consumers are saying about titles and how sales trends can be better tracked. It is a timely and interesting move for Next Big Sound/Next Big Book as the book industry grapples with the transition from print to e-books, something music went through a decade ago. Entertainment sectors like books, TV and movies all bullishly claimed they would most definitely not make the same mistakes the music industry did when it moved, or was forced, into digital (clue: for the most part, they did) and this move into real time sales and social analytics is something the music industry is now well-versed in.

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