Echoing YouTube’s use of Content ID, gaming video platform Twitch is now proactively filtering user-uploaded videos that contain unlicensed music (either in-game or playing in the background). If identified, the audio will be muted in the video file around the disputed content. Twitch is working with Audible Magic and its software filtering will apply to both past and future video uploads by its community of users. This will not, however, apply to live broadcasts on the Twitch platform – just pre-recorded video content. “If you believe that your video has been flagged improperly and that you have cleared the rights to all of the sound recordings in your uploaded video, then we will consider unmuting your video if you send us a counter-notification that is compliant with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,” said Twitch in a blog post about this move. Twitch launched in 2011 and by mid-2013 was attracting 43m viewers a month watching playthroughs of video games and e-sport competitions.

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