Incident Technologies is the company behind the gTar: a digital guitar with a multi-touch LED fretboard and a slot for your iPhone – using them to teach you how to play guitar. Now the firm has launched a new educational app for the instrument: Learn by Incident, which is billed as “a true instructor companion that can interactively teach you how to play guitar using the gTar”. The app presents lessons in packages: “Covering the notes on the strings to how to play chords and putting it together in rhythm to play songs. Using our innovative XMP content engine, other educational courses are planned to be added covering a variety of subjects.” Players complete the “bite-sized” lessons to unlock more, earning a virtual currency called “g-picks” as they go which can be spent on new instruments, sounds and effects. We suspect they may also be buyable through in-app purchases at some point in the future. An interesting snapshot of the way music education is evolving through apps.

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