Social app Snapchat remains hugely popular, particularly with teenagers, but how it’s ever going to make money remains a hot topic for debate. The company’s plans are becoming clearer though: the Wall Street Journal says it’s preparing to launch something called Snapchat Discovery in November: “a service for disappearing TV and movie clips, news articles and advertisements”. Its report claims Snapchat has been in talks with advertisers and media companies – including TV networks, newspapers and magazines – to provide content. With more than half of Snapchat’s users aged between 13 and 17, checking the app on average 14 times a day – these are stats that Snapchat is reportedly telling potential partners for the new service – it’s highly appealing for a variety of these brands. But it does make us wonder why music is seemingly not a priority for Snapchat Discovery as it’s currently being described. If labels aren’t involved in the discussions already, we suggest they should be giving Snapchat a call to explore its potential.

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